Thomas Nelson publisher book review

About a month ago, I signed up to be a Thomas Nelson book reviewer. I read a ton of books, but I thought this was so cool that they would be willing to send you a free book to review on your blog.... so here is my review...

I recently read The Great Eight by Scott Hamilton. I really enjoyed this book. I didn’t really have any idea what it was about, but I did know the author was a figure skater. Since optimisim and being happy are traits that I cherish, I was excited to find out that this was what the book was about.
Scott shares life experiences and “stories” to the eight things one must do to be happy. These things include the following:
1. Fall, Get Up, and Land your First Jumps
2. Trust your Almighty Coach
3. Make your Losses Your Wins
4. Keep the Ice Clear
5. Think Positive, Laugh, and Smile like Kristi Yamaguchi
6. Win by Going Last
7. Learn a New Routine
8. Stand in the Spotlight
I read many books. My favorite chapter was Chapter 2. Scott explained that just like a real coach, God can be your coach in real life. I know this to be true, that God truly is our coach in life. I also liked how Scott incorporated various inspirational quotes in the margins. Nothing he said was really “new” information, but I liked the simple way he used his life experiences to show how everyone has a hard life, but despite hardships, happiness is a choice. I had no idea he had been through cancer and a brain tumor. I especially liked how Scott said your happiness can still remain constant, despite what others think of you, your circumstances, or your challenges. Overall, very good read.


Lindsey said...

This is cool...What's the catch?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book. I knew he had brain cancer and am always so impressed with those that can look on the bright side of things even in the face of tough times. Thanks for the review!

AO said...

NO catch from what I can see Lindsey. You just have to commit to read the book, and do a review on your blog and another site (I did mine on amazon) and link them to their Web site. WAY EASY! The selections of books are limited, but hey, free books, sounds good to me :)

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Sign me up!

the HeartTongues said...

i skimmed over this shortly after you posted it, but i thought i'd comment after reading some parts again... it is OH SO HARD for me to have happiness remain constant when life brings such heart wrenching/breaking difficulties!! maybe i should see if my library has this book; i've always liked Scott Hamilton...