Food for babies

How is it that Collin hardly wants to eat any baby food (he is totally a milk drinker still) but now if I'm ever eating anything, especially chocolate, he gives me the staredown like NO tomorrow? Doesn't he know chocolate comes AFTER squash and bananas? :)


kari said...

Nope- if he has our genes he has no clue

O'Berrys said...

Sorry, but I have to agree with Collin that chocolate should come before squash and bananas. =0) Corin is a chocolate lover too!

Kristalyn said...

Carter has this uncanny ability to know what the sound of a candy wrapper or bag of chocolates sounds like. If he hears it, even from across the room, he'll start reaching and 'asking for it' ie: saying uhhh uhhh uhh uhh at the top of his lungs. :)