Spring is coming

Everyone is happy to have spring on it's way....slowly but surely. I came home for lunch today and saw the first of our little yellow crocuses "or crocki" is I call them. Hopefully, unlike last year, we won't get a snow/wind storm bad enough to kill them after they have been out a few days in bloom.
I am so happy it's getting to be warm outside so I can go on more walks with mommy!
As much as I want Collin to enjoy spring, he does not enjoy SQUASH! YUCKY! Apparently, he likes green veggies more than colored :)


jeffandbrianne said...

I love that it's not even cold out when we go to the gym in the morning--with a sweatshirt at least. I love spring and I am SO excited it's almost hear. Cute pics of Collin :)

Krista said...

Hooray for Spring!! It can't come fast enough. And Collin gets cuter everyday. How fun!