Collin's first date

Okay, we have been having problems with our Internet over the last week, so haven't posted for a bit. This is Collin's new thing, TAGS. His cousin Ava gave him this ball and forget about the ball, it's ALL about the tag. I guess he must be just like Ava because she is totally into tags, still to this day, at 3 years old.
This last week I babysat a friend's little girl for an hour. HELLO it's good I don't have twins. That was the experience, but I call it Collin's first date. You can tell he is totally smiling in the picture because he is sitting next to a cute girl. And it was so obvious to me how girls are different than boys, surprise surprise. Tessa was all daintily playing with things and Collin for awhile tried to get her attention with whatever he thought of, trying to hit her (okay, not totally), throw a teething thing at her, finally he gave up and just played with his bear. It was too funny.
This was the cutest outfit Collin was wearing. The pictures don't do it justice, but the shirt says something like Mommy's team forever on it. Ryan got him all dressed matchy matchy and when I came home from work it was so cute. Okay, so the pants remind me a LITTLE bit of MC Hammer....hammertime.
This is Collin's new favorite thing, besides playing with my necklaces if I wear them :) The second I put him in his bouncer he just totally sits up and thinks he's all that. What a cutie though!


kari said...

Way cute. Loved the outfit.

jeffandbrianne said...

What a cutie. My little brothers always loved the tags too. So weird! Collin's adorable :)