Sickness, zoo morning, pinewood derby and cold soccer

 Collin randomly got sick one day and stayed home from school throwing up. This was him in the afternoon, also unheard of.
 Yep regular occurence these days.
 This past week our zoo trip was a bit chilly, but apparently if it is 60 degrees outside, we can still get soaked and run around and have fun. Climbing the gorilla.
 The sand cat was awake!
 Climbing the big elephant steps required brother's help.

 Liam meets new friends every time we go to the zoo. Like I said, all these little boys got soaked in the splash pad at 60 degrees. Even Evelyn got pretty wet. I just figured not too many more days will it even be 60 degrees :)

 Waiting for the seal show.

 Collin had his first Pinewood Derby this past week. His car he basically built all by himself. He got 11th place! Not too shabby for his first time. Never seen little boys so excited. It was my first time too.

COLD rainy soccer day. I much like the warmer ones.

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