Collin first pack meeting, Evelyn turns two, and gets a big girl bed

 Collin was very excited to start scouts, and now Ryan is the Cub master, so even more fun. I didn't realize pack meetings had a family activity each time. They built boats at this one. Liam and Evelyn loved it too.
 Evelyn got her favorite snack for her birthday. Raspberries. She can pound that.
 She really wanted to go to the park, but it randomly rained super hard the afternoon of her birthday, so we opted for a play place and ice cream cones.

 She loved it. Kids and slides.

 And she loved this big tunnel slide she was finally big enough to go down herself.

 Fun little kitchen birthday present.
 Cute card Collin wrote for Ryan's birthday, the day after Evelyn's.

 Popsicle time.
 Crash and burn.
 Because Evelyn had started screaming and hating her crib the last couple of weeks, we decided to break out the toddler bed. Always a sad day for me because that means less sleep.

 The boys helped put it together and Evelyn was SO excited.

 She kept saying "I read books in my bed mommy!"

The sleeping thing has taken a few weeks (granted this is about 3 weeks later), but now she sleeps in there pretty good. Doesn't take naps anymore (very sad day), but sleeps good at night finally again. It was about 2 months of bad sleeping at night in the crib so phew!

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