Garden, Olympics and Collin's first day of second grade

 Finally around mid-August the garden started to really produce. I'm in no way staying on top of it this year, but it's nice to know it's there :)
 Boys got a new bookshelf for their room. They were very excited.
 We watched a lot of Olympics before school started, and did Lego Olympic building one night. here is the swimming and diving pools.

 Evelyn is looking more and more like she is ready to turn two.
 Last day of lunch at the park. I just realized some of these I may have already posted about. Oops!
 Collin's first day of second grade. He is wearing his Vista lions shirt.

 Liam did Evelyn's hair this day. Hello big bows.

 The first few days I let Liam and Evelyn play on Collin's school's playground. They loved it of course.

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