Playing with Cousins Harry Potter/Haunted house version

 So this past week in Idaho we went to play with our cousins. I really love when my kiddos get together with them because they have so much fun and are so creative together. They made a haunted house for me in a closet. Yes, a closet. This was the costumes. Collin only wanted to smile, not do a scary face.

 Smiling face.
 Silly face.
 Going to the cafe in the girls' basement.

 Playing Harry Potter. I think Collin just may end up being Harry for Halloween this year.

This is the coolest little thing ever. It's a little free library. It's like a huge birdhouse people leave books in and you bring one to donate then you can take one out. This one was just down the street from my sister. The boys thought it was great. Me too.

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