Horse gymnastics and a splash pad

 I love our Taylorsville Library. Especially in the summer they do super fun kid events. This summer we haven't been able to get to most of them, but we did go to the gymnastics people on horseback. These were really cool to see.

 Three people on one horse!

 We also went through a "science phase". We tend to do things super hard for a few days in our house. For a week the boys were loving doing all these science experiments.
 Since June was so hot, we went to a splash pad right near us one afternoon.

 Evelyn wasn't too sure at the beginning. She liked sitting on the towel more.

 This picture of Liam epitomizes summer for me. Love it.

 Finally we found a tiny fountain that Evelyn LOVED. It was just her size, it didn't go high just about to the eye level for her.

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