July 4 Silver Lake and parade

 We went up with Ryan's sister and nephew to Silver Lake. They had already done a big hike earlier, so it was just us and Grant walking around. Evelyn LOVED walking around the lake.

 Yeah we got to see Grant! The boys were very excited to have him stay a night with us. And play Monopoly.
 Some day this girl's hair will be styled :)
 The forest was awesome.

 And hey it's a miracle! All looking at the camera and semi smiling!

 If you look really close you can see the two boys at the top :)

 We barely got there for the parade, and it was half over, but the boys still got plenty of candy.
 Brandon gave Evelyn a sucker. SUCKER! She was happy forever. She loves those dumb (ha ha) suckers.

What a great start to the holiday!

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