Summer fun-zoo night and splash pad!

 Went to the zoo night on a non-rainy night! The boys wore their swimming suits so we could do the splash pad.
 Love the baby lions.
 Evelyn loved to walk around the zoo. This picture was so sweet. I couldn't believe how less busy it was compared to the last zoo night, probably due to so many high school/college graduation nights, but it was AWESOME not to have hardly anyone there. And perfect weather.

 Lions up close.
 Standard growth picture.
 Trunking out.

 You can't tell in these pictures, but the boys got soaked.

 Even Evelyn splashed around.

 By then, it was a bit cooler so the boys were shivering as you can see in these pictures.

 Jammer time so we are warm again.
 The token "smile Evelyn!" picture. Love it.LOVE the squinty eyes.
 The grizzly bears were literally right up against the glass. A bit scary, but awesome at the same time.

 Evelyn took a long time to warm up to the grizzly bears.
 The new play area bridges. Evelyn could have walked up and down these hundreds of times. We only let her do it about 30.

 New slide!

 It was a great zoo night! LOVE LOVE LOVE summertime!

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