Memorial Day weekend day 3

 Tuesday morning it was just Auntie Brianne and Allory and Grandma with us, so we decided to go on a walk around Memory Grove.

 I tried to style Evelyn's hair for the occasion hoping it would last more than five minutes.
 Allory styled her hat for the occasion :)
 And Allory rode her first scooter! Long story, but didn't end up walking around Memory Grove. We walked for a bit around the Capitol building. It was fun.

 Tried to get a good pictures of Allory smiling. She wasn't quite there for me. It was SO fun to have her visit!
And the day after all our festivities, lunch at the park started. The day my kids have looked forward to for FOREVER. New thing this year, I drive in the van, and they ride on their bikes to the park. If you look close you can see them over there :)

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