First visit to Seven Peaks and first couple days of Soccer camp

 We got a pass of all passes for the first time this year. I decided to be brave and take all three kiddos alone on a day when it was supposed to get to 95.
 We made it there right when it opened and everyone was super excited. Evelyn could have gone down this kiddie slide with me in the kid area about 4000 times if I had let her. The boys loved that section too and we also tried out the wave pool.
 But then it got overcast and a little windy and the boys were freezing and Evelyn's lips were purple. Collin even told me his fingers got frostbite, so we were only in the water about 45 minutes. How ironic on a day supposed to be 95 it wasn't. Oh well, have to try again soon!

 Our cousin Brandon is doing a soccer camp this month, and Collin learned how to throw better overthrows from outfield and from the throw get it on the first day.

 Then the second day Liam decided he really wanted to play so he joined in the camp and they worked on other skills. Liam has never played soccer before, but he still had lots of fun. He was the MVP the first day he did because he got a ball through Kyle's legs :)

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