Valentines, library storytime

 Liam was so excited for his preschool Valentines party. Here was his box he made.
 I let him eat all the candy in one day. Two suckers at once is awesome.

 Liam REALLY loves going to the "big kid" storytime at our library. It is awesome. The librarian Shelley always does so many fun interactive learning things. This balloon day was a huge hit.

 Valentines dinner night.

 Here is where they were trying to pretend to step on rainbows. That was a different day. Evelyn loves the baby toddler storytime too. I ADORE our library for so many reasons.

 The ward talent show posted many lego buildings by several little boys. The boys built stuff to display.

Here was a lego build day at the library. Liam building his "parking lot".

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