St. Patricks Day and other fun times

 Being O'Berrys we have to look the part on this day.
 Trying to get everyone to smile and look at the camera is a nearly impossible feat I have decided.

 Evelyn recruits Liam to help organize her drawer unloading.
 I got out the Easter books and Liam and Evelyn read quietly during laundry. YEAH!

 Evelyn drawing INTENTLY.
 Liam building a plane out of a cereal box. He was very hard working. Serious determination on that face.

 Evelyn doing exercises outside. good stair down climbing for her.

 In case anyone didn't know, Evelyn is my daughter. The pic above is me a couple months older than Evelyn now. But check it out, even the same hairstyle! But definitely same facial features, geesh!

 Evelyn moves up a level in organizing and finds the sticker and coloring books.
We made chocolate chip cookie dough truffles and forever more an incident about learning how to love my children more ensued on this day. I'm going to call it the truffle parable. This is mostly for future reference in journaling for me.

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