Collin fun run and a grandma visit

 Collins school did a fun run for a fundraiser. I'm totally supportive of this fundraiser since it encourages leadership and EXERCISE! Plus, I don't have to buy any dumb things just to support a school. Collin was SO excited to run and I got to go this time. He ran like a champ.

 He probably would have ran more but he always took to the outside. He is all legs that Collin.

 Evelyn did exercises with the toy lawnmower. I can't BELIEVE that thing is going to survive three children. one of the best gifts ever.
 When Grandma came to visit we went swimming one afternoon at the Kearns Oquirrh pool. The boys loved the lazy river and these shooter guns.

 Grandma also played lots of candyland with Liam. Luckily, we have an old Candyland that Evelyn can play, because "she doesn't play board games like me" Liam often says.

And like her mom, Evelyn discovered the love of taking things out of a drawer. Constantly.

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