Thomas Nelson/Booksneeze Review Into the Canyon

I found this story not quite as moving as I was originally thinking it was going to be. I really enjoyed different “quotes” from the Journal and I especially loved the different aspects of The River playing into different characters’ lives.  I liked how the author used the River as an analogy to so many challenges in life.
That being said, the writing style seemed quite weak to me. I never really felt the emotions that the characters did and often found myself thinking, hmm….more could have been done here. The relationship between the main character and Tabitha just didn’t seem to be very realistic in some aspects. It’s like it didn’t get delved into deep enough, or maybe that was because the character development was lacking.
I did appreciate the different feelings associated with the River. My favorite character, and the most developed for me, was Ezra. I felt more could have been done with his story and how it helped people. The main character’s trying to help the “lost” soul kept getting in the way of the original story.

Overall, it was a beautiful story about faith and hope and finding oneself courage and strength to move forward. 

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