First days of schools for Collin and Liam

 So, these pictures are a bit out of order, since we have so many locations of pictures. Liam started preschool this year. He goes two times a week on Tue/Thur from 9 to 11 at Creative World Preschool.

 He has been wanting to go to school since forever I think, especially since Collin has been going ever since Liam can remember. He was so excited when it was his turn!

 Outside his school.
 Collin was also very very excited to go to Kindergarten. I am so so so very glad we didn't send him to school last year. He has grown up a lot in the last year.

 At least he combed his own hair.
 I was just so happy that Evelyn wasn't born on the first day of school so I could take Collin to school. Since he could have gone to kindergarten last year, this was a long time coming.

Collin with his friend Sage.

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