The first big snow of the season

 Thursday this past week hit 70 degrees and I was debating about breaking out Collin's shorts again. Friday, we got 5 inches of snow. My kids were DYING to go out and play in it.
 This is Liam's first real "play out in the snow" year since he was too little for it last year. He was in HEAVEN! I love how it takes 30 minutes to get everyone ready for 10 minutes of snow play.
 Liam mostly just wanted to sit in the water for awhile.
 Then he saw Collin and did NOT want to come in. Ever since then, he gets SO mad if Collin gets to go out and he doesn't.

 I built the first snowman of the year.... the second level was a bit heavy.... I should have made him smaller. It snowed about the same amount on Saturday, but the snowman is still standing.
I'm sure we will have many more snow days....and Liam will learn to keep his gloves on...ha ha.

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