Liam's first real haircut

 So....I'm sure you all know by now that I have had a very hard time cutting Liam's hair.... for many reasons, I just couldn't part with the babyhood, the curlies, the many things.... plus this crazy haired face.... but this week I finally thought I could do it and give Liam a little boy haircut.
 So we took him to Supercuts and he was excited. Can't you tell?
 He liked sitting on this chair until she put the cape on him. Then I had to sit on the chair.
 He actually did MUCH better than Collin's first haircut...thanks to the several suckers he got, which he never gets.
 Insert blurry picture after here.
 Yes... he was NOT letting go of those suckers.... and after....
He looks SO different I practically don't recognize him. He is definitely a little boy now, and I still miss the long curly hair....but it's nice to snuzzle his neck and not eat hair. Yeah for Liam's first haircut....

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