Halloween Preschool parade and church party

 Collin had two Halloween parties in the same day! Preschool party, he got to be the line leader in the parade.
 There is a funny story about the not wearing the hat that I won't elongate here, but needless to say it involved me sweating running back home to get the hat only to not have him wear it and still have his jacket on. Lovely.
 It was fun remembering all the costume parades I have been in during school back in the day.
 The church party was fun. Another donut game.
 Nora is our little friend. She is a few months younger than Liam, but she was super cute. Collin was excited to get his picture taken by her.
 This picture made me laugh. Liam watching all of the cheerleaders dance.
Ryan got to tell a fun Halloween story at the end of the party. He was a great storyteller.

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