Random Nov 2011 pictures

yes, I'm still playing catch up from the end of last year. We spent Thanksgiving at Ryan's Grandma's house. The little boy kid table was too funny.
Collin and Liam loved to play in the little closet of toys more than eat.
Fam picture...
Hanging out as a BYU cougar. Liam looks SO much like Collin did in this picture.
Before church.
Hanging out in the hallway....
This is one of the funniest pictures of Collin. He wanted to wear my super warm socks. The ladybug was a "guitar" and he was giving me a concert while I got dinner ready. It's too funny.... So, yes there was our November in a nutshell. Now, on to December.

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Jeffrey said...

You have some dang cute boys. Love those sweet pictures.