Liam's first birthday celebration

Liam has been off and on sick the whole month of January...it is getting "ridiculous" as Collin says. That being said, we kept his first birthday low key. These pictures are actually from the day after his birthday (the 19th is his actual birthday), but he was super sick that day, so we celebrated the next day. This outfit is SOOO cute. This picture doesn't do it justice, but it's an outfit he got from his Auntie Kari. SO snuggly.
We got to see Liam eat cake.... which unlike Collin (who had NEVER even had sugar before his first birthday), Liam had actually already tried bits and pieces of cake.
So, I made cake pops to make it more interesting. He didn't eat a ton of them...
But that may have been because he was not feeling well.
Lately his favorite thing is to play with these curtains in our living room. He likes to run in between them, etc.
Collin of course wanted to "help" him open his presents.
He got some fun things like some fun blocks, a little boat, a car, and some noise making toys of course.
He has been walking for 2 months now, so no big milestone there. Trying to get off the nursing thing? That is still a work in progress. We have regressed in a big way since being sick. He LOVES nursing. He will have a hard adjustment I'm afraid...
Happy birthday Liam! We are SO glad you are in our family!

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