Finally Christmas 2011 pics

The highlight of Christmas 2011 was being able to be with Auntie Kari again. That was awesome. Collin loved her.
Again, you can see the love...
My brother brought his Rock Band to play. It was so fun. Liam is going to be a rockstar drummer someday.
He got so mad when we said he couldn't eat the drumsticks. Go figure.
The little kids table for Christmas Eve dinner was fun, despite Collin being the only boy.
Liam got to sit on this little attached booster to the bar. He was thinking... I AM SO COOL. Really....he loved this thing. And I actually got to eat somewhat in peace...
The elves came and we got to open fun presents.
Trucks....can't go wrong with trucks for Collin.
Painting and art is good for Sadee.
Liam, which is what I thought, liked playing with the wrapping paper best.
Yes, love that wrapping paper.
More just random pics
This fire engine truck from the elves...it made a lot of noise which was awesome for Liam, not for the rest of us :)
It was so fun to play with cousins.
Christmas Morning was also fun.
This is the fun book that Santa brought Liam.
Stockings are always one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Liam had fun opening his stocking with a LOT of help from Collin and Sadee and Ava.
Everyone takes turns, usually from youngest to oldest.
Santa brought Collin a tool workbench. He had lots of fun with it.
Liam especially liked to take parts off the tool bench and eat the parts. See a trend here?
Santa brought Liam a fun little wire toy that he likes to play with, especially if someone plays it with him.
Big trucks again
My sister-in-law Brianne MADE these nurse and doctor scrubs for Sadee and Ava. Big hit.
Family picture... of course, everyone's personalities showing through. Liam don't fence me in, and Collin, I just want to stare at you.
Fun little noise maching for Liam.
Get a load of that hair!
Daddy helped Collin build this huge tower.
Sadee and Ava makign their fun frames.
Liam also got to go on his first swimming adventure at the Collette's pool.
Let's just say he LOVED it....way more than even Collin loves swimming, and that is saying something.
It was a wonderful Christmas!

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