Partying in Idaho again

Collin and I recently spent some more time in Idaho....and what did we do? Party, of course minus one day my mom and I were both sick with who-knows-what but we could not move. No partying that day. One morning we went to the "silver slides" park. I love how little kids call parks by names of things in the park. It's the best. I thought this picture was so cute of Sadee and Collin. Not because they are matching, just cute...
The huge long slide was a little too long for Collin to go by himself, so I made the girls take him.
Several of the days we went into the turtle pool....man how this brings back memories when I was little. My grandma had a little green turtle slide pool, we played for HOURS in that thing. I think these kiddos could have too, especially Collin.
Ava spraying the hose in her face, Collin would not stop laughing, thus more spraying.
Collin LOVED this little slide. In fact, as some may know, he doesn't even need a swimming suit on to love pools. Anywhere there is a pool, something with water in it, he crashes right in. This kid LOVES the water.
One afternoon we went to feed the ducks at the river. Collin could throw that so far. And he LOVED the ducks.
He kept trying to say quack....too funny.
Two cute girls.
One day for dinner, we brought in the little table. Collin REFUSED to eat anywhere but down at the table. He wanted to be exactly like his cousins.
Playing outside was a must. I know Collin could live outside, but when you have cousins to play with, then you really can.
Ahh...the discovery and magic of sidewalk chalk. He came in each time totally filthy and happy.
Sadee was a true artist.
This little puzzle my mom has saved for 33 years.... please find the little pig grandma! Collin is so sorry he hauled it off somewhere. He could put this puzzle all together 'HIMSELF'....yes, he is all about I DO IT! these days.
Hanging out in the garage.... I think they were supposed to be on a bus or something. These girls sure love Collin. Thanks for letting us come and party!

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Krista said...

Good times in Idaho. I am glad we all got together while I was there.