Gardening this summer

It's been fun (always actually) to see the garden grow this summer. This summer we planted eggplants for the first time, and though they struggled for a bit, they are going gangbusters. We have already picked probably 8 or so and still tons on there. Collin loves to carry in the food to mommy.
Our favorite way to make eggplant is eggplant "cake" for Collin or eggplant parmesan for the rest of us. Collin loves it and so do we!
This is the first year my green peppers are outgoing my tomatoes.... but I finally found enough red tomatoes to make this....the YUMMIEST fresh salsa in the entire world, courtesy of my sister's recipe. That's half the reason I want to do a garden each summer...this stuff. It is HEAVEN!
Yeah for gardens!

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Jenny said...

Your salsa looks great!