Collin turns two!

Last Saturday, Collin turned two. Since he is SUCH a fan of tractors lately, I made him a tractor cake. I was actually quite pleased with how it turned out, considering the random directions (very little) and picture I tried to replicate. True success was when Collin yelled TRACTOR CAKE about a zillion times that day :)
For his birthday, he got this little car I found at a yard sale. He is a fan.
We met some of my family in Brigham City at the community pool there. Oh my heavens Collin had such a blast on this little slide. ..
So much so I made him put on a life jacket because I started getting nervous.
He went down this slide NUMEROUS times and since he could go up the stairs himself, he was "all that" and a bag of chips.
Sadee went down the big waterslide. I did too, hollering the whole way. I guess it has been awhile since I have been down a waterslide.
Ava liked to go with her daddy.
After swimming, we treated everyone to pizza and breadsticks at Pizza Hut.
Collin even ate some pizza, YEAH!
After pizza, we went to the park to eat cake and open presents. Sadee and Ava of course loved this part.
We sang.
Sadly, the cake eating wasn't QUITE as intense last year (I'm not sure if you remember, but he POUNDED that piece of cake on his one year birthday), so I guess he is too used to eating sweets, shame on his mama....but he loves black licorice.
Finally, go to it Collin!
Now Collin fully knows what "presents" are. He got quite a few, but his favorites were the cars and dinosaurs from Sadee and Ava and the "fire truck" given to him by grandma.
Wow, what is in here?
Thanks to everyone for helping Collin celebrate entering the world of terrible twos! The GREAT news is that at his 2 year check up this week, he was finally on the chart for weight, the 1th percentile, but still :) YEAH! First time ever Collin! We love you!


Krista said...

Happy Birthday, Collin! What a fun party! I am totally impressed with the tractor cake. I usually take the easy route and do cupcakes. haha.

Jenny said...

I love the pic. of Collin on the slide! :)