Halloween---3 days early

Even though this was Collin's second Halloween, we did more things this year. Our ward 3 days before Halloween, the youth put on a "Halloween party" for the kids. Okay, so Collin isn't even really a "kid" technically, but we brought him anyways. He LOVES being around other little kids, and we had a REALLY cute Dalmation costume, lent to me by my loving sister. This was Collin when we first got there starting at everyone's costumes.

This was his favorite thing to do, and ironically, his costume fit perfectly with him just wanting to crawl away everywhere.

Collin's friend Tessa, she is 3 weeks older than he is, but much taller, so I thought it fitting she was a lion :)

Hey, finally someone smaller than me mom!

Collin sure had fun at the party and so did we!
On a side note, here is our pumpkins from Ryan's pumpkin patch this year, minus one that we gave early to Sadee. And this is the first year I finally got around to roasting pumpkin seeds. YUM!


Jenny said...

love the crawling with Tess. :)

Crazy Uncle Ryan said...

Actually, the one I gave to D=Sadee and Ava is in there. It's the insert on the lower right-hand corner.