Halloween 2009

Collin's daddy REALLY gets creative in carving pumpkins and Collin loved to watch. Saturday morning I finally got to clean the bathroom, because we had the Halloween music playing and Collin "trapped" to watch pumpkin carving. This was Collin's pumpkin. He loved to take the top of him off and roll him around and look through the eyes and nose and figure out what was going on in there.
Sometimes the pumpkin got the best of him and rolled away.
We took Collin trick-or-treating to a few houses of our neighbors before anyone else started showing up. Lucky for me, Ryan went and got me a witch's hat so I put together a quick witch costume and he was Captain Kirk.
Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!


Jenny said...

I thought your family looked so cute! I love to watch kids and jack-o-lanterns! :)

Krista said...

Way to go on all of you dressing up. Kambria and Joe dressed up. I was a party pooper because I hate trying to think of something to be.

jeffandbrianne said...

Loved the costume of Collin. You and Ryan were okay but Collin kicked your butt in that dog costume.

Tysha said...

Very cute. Ryan makes an awesome Capt'n Kirk.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Fun pictures! Our little boys are growing so fast!