Reading away

I have always wanted my children to love to read as much as I do. So, even when Collin was itty bitty, we still took the time to read books to him a LOT...people kind of made light of how he reacted, but I really think he was into it. Now, even more he LOVES books. Even first thing in the morning he grunts at his bookshelf, until I choose the right book and twists around and sits in my lap to be read to.
Sometimes, like today, he just wants to read the books himself. It is seriously so cute.
He studies and STUDIES the pages.... and I think he could read for hours if we let him/read to him that much. I just hope it sticks with him. Here's to reading fun books!


Krista said...

I think it makes a HUGE difference reading to kids even when they are tiny and you aren't sure they are paying attention. Kambria loves books too and I know part of that has to do with us reading to her when she was tiny. Way to go, Collin!

Jenny said...

I love to watch children with books! Especially when they study the illustrations so carefully. So sweet.

Shelley said...

What a good mom you are! I love it when kids love books . . . and reading to them really does make such a difference. Collin is so cute!

Tysha said...

We started reading to Sawyer while he was still in utero...and he LOVES books, always has! He also has way above the average vocabulary for a 16-month-old (he says over 40 words, which apparently for boys at 18 months 5-10 is average)...I really wonder if it's because we spend so much time reading.

Great job, Mommy - helping Collin learn to love books will help him the rest of his life!

Kristalyn said...

Collin is so cute and smart already! I think reading to them from day one really makes a difference. WE did that with both our boys and they totally love to read now. It's so fun to see them studying the pages, especially when it's a new book to them. Great work!