Thomas Nelson review The I Believe Bunny

This is the first book I have chosen to review through my association with the Thomas Nelson blogger reviewers. I read it outloud to 11 month old Collin, and I think I enjoyed it more than he did. It is such a sweet story of how a little bunny can save the day. I appreciated the little bunny's "hard" day he had. I sometimes feel very muhc that way myself when I have a rainy day lately! Yet, when Bunny heard the little cry for help, and saw someone in trouble, though he was scared, he knew he had to help.
Bunny then said a llittle prayer to help him. And though saying the prayer didn't solve all his problems in saving the little mouse, it brought people to help him save the mouse. I appreciated the fact that sometimes in my own life, a little prayer itself doesn't solve the problem, but can bring people into my life that helps me solve the problems. I liked that especially in this book how it showed that it's important to pray but also that sometimes we receive help in our answers to prayers from a God that knows we need others to help us.

The rhyming was perfect in this book and my son loved listening to the rhyming. The pictures were sweet, and overall a wonderful story!


Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Thanks. You just solved my problem on what to buy my little niece for her birthday.

Jenny said...

Sounds like a sweet book. I'll be looking for it! Thanks for the review.