Playing with cousins

Last week (yes, my posts are out of order) Sadee and Ava came down and we went to a cabin for a few days. But, the night they arrived, we had to go to the "castle" park in West Jordan. I had only seen this park from a distance, but it is out of control. Seriously, best play park I have been to.
Ava on the swings.
Collin was NOT happy he couldn't play in the park with Sadee and Ava. Grandma tried to take him on a stroller ride, but none too happy 'bout it.
Mommy and Collin in the park.
Playing in the tub after the park.
Auntie Kari doing mad scientist hair. He looked crazy :)

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jeffandbrianne said...

Cabins always bring out the best in kids. Its like they are in a whole new world.