Collin's first play date

This last Sunday, I had two mission friends over for dessert. Both I hadn't seen in a long time, as in probably close to two years, which is sad. One now has a little boy that is a couple of months (almost) younger than Collin. We sat out and chatted and ate dessert and the two little boys played on the blanket. They were basically the same size. Ryan and I were anxious to see how Collin would interact with Jamison.
These two boys seriously entertained 5 adults. It was too hilarious. This was such a cute picture of them trying to play with the same thing.
Jamison did NOT like the grass. Every time we put him down, his skin didn't touch it.
Collin definitely showed some "territory" control. It was so funny to see him play with someone younger than him. He definitely showed some aggressiveness.
This picture was too funny. My friend Liz had "puffs" in her hand and she was feeding Jamison, but then of course Collin had to come over for a handful as well.
Collin then proceeded to "steal" the puffs container and play with it. Attempting to teach "sharing" to a 10 month old wasn't working so well.
Here is a picture of the three of us. I tried to find a mission picture but alas, who really wants to be reminded of how different we look? Thanks Holly and Liz and families for coming over to play with us! Hope to see you soon!

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