How do I do it?

Okay, many of you have asked me how I find my good deals....well, as I have mentioned on this blog I believe, about 4 months ago, I felt inspired (still do) to see how I could cut our grocery/miscellaneous budget down. Though we are conservative as a family, I just felt impressed to figure out ways to cut this down... thus began my journey. Since then, I have realized MONEY is out there for the taking, and as a coworker and I joke now "suckers pay full price". I will warn you, once you start down this path, it is a little bit addicting, so just beware :)

It started four months ago with me calling a woman I don't even know (her husband worked for my dad) because my dad had heard her husband saying she got their grocery bill down from something like 150.00 to less than 20.00. WHAT????? HOW DID SHE DO THAT? I asked my dad if I could get their number if they would be willing to talk to me. So, about 4 months ago, on a Sunday night I randomly called this woman to see how she did it.

After her kindness and an hour of questioning her, I began on my own. I'll try to explain more of my journey with each posting of good deals on my blog. I began at Walgreens. Keep in mind, 4 months ago, I think I had shopped at Walgreens all of maybe 5 times in my WHOLE life. Now, I go there at least once a week. For those of you thinking, Walgreens? The drug store? The overpriced drugstore? That's exactly what I thought four months ago. Now, I think, I LOVE WAGS! (The nickname for coupony people for that store). I began just by getting every month from the Easy Saver catalog the items free after rebate. My first month I did it, I had no real clue what I was doing, and only got like $10.00 back. Plus, I get my rebate money back in the giftcard back each month and make 10 percent, so I walk away with money each month. Speaking of which, I am EXTREMELY excited because for February, I will be getting back 45.00 at WAGS.... WAHOO!

That's it for now. My free time is limited on Saturdays, so I'll post more later. The picture below is a trip I made to Albertson's, another store I hardly ever shopped at 4 months ago.
I got all of this (keep in mind I got the wrong Sure deodarant so I will be taking that back) by using both store sales, in store coupons, rebates, and manufacturer's coupons for original price of 55.69 for $2.60. 8 boxes of cereal, Sure MAX deodarant, 2 dozen eggs, and three packages of cheese. Not too bad, even for a super good couponer. The overall key, I'll just say this, is I have always tried to shop sales, but there is a WHOLE NEW world out there when you combine sales, in store coupons, rebates and MC coupons together.


Shelley said...

I am so glad you posted this! I hope you post more on what you do to save so much money . . . I am so amazed.

An Ordinary Mom said...

It will be fun to hear more about this new addiction of yours :) !!