Elementary school memories

Today I have TOTALLY been reminiscing with people about memories from elementary school…. I know hardly anyone that reads this site is familiar with Falls Valley Elementary, but here are some of mine. Maybe they will sound familiar….

1. Read-a-thons. I LOVED these….LOVED them. And come to think of it, I would still love a total read-a-thon day. I could still sit up with comfy clothes, fun snacks and read different books all day and escape the world sometimes. I was such a reading geek back then, and still am, that you could just spend all school day reading, in your pjs, with your snacks and treats and pillows, reading whatever you wanted. It was a 4-5th grade HEAVEN. I never understood why some people didn’t like it.
2. Skating parties. This was the TOTAL rage in 4-5th grade as well. My aunt at the time owned Starlite Skating….. and for your birthday you could have a skating party and invite up to 50 friends I think. Shoot the duck, number game, snowball anyone? I still totally remember the first time Nathan Garn asked me to skate :)
3. Marvin Smith. Enough said. I had THEE biggest crush on him until he moved out of our school. Seriously, I’m sure you all did too, you know who you are. Since elementary school and graduating from high school, I hear from random people that EVERYONE had a crush on him.
4. The BIG BALL….fourth grade, Mr. Marcus. This was a huge big plastic ball that you could try and jump and get on. I swear it was 10 feet tall and I never was able to get on top, but all the “cool” guys in elementary school always did. If I remember right, we got to do it once a month.

Any of you have elementary school memories that seem like these?


Krista said...

Ah, Falls Valley...I loved the Read-a-thons too! I could definitely go for one right now. And the big ball?! I saw it again when I was in college and it did not seem nearly as big. Ha ha, isn't that how it always is? Good memories, Alisa.

'T' said...

SOOOO strange; I was thinking about the BIG BALL the other day. It personally was torture for me (I always got beat). But I remember Mrs. West could get on top of that thing, she is still my hero! FALLS VALLEY ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

I remember being able to see Mrs. Ipsen's scalp. That woman had no hair! It kind of freaked me out. I also remember Mr. Marcus throwing an eraser at me once because I was talking. Good times, good times.