Collin wears jeans and Evelyn moves to her big girl room

 Collin actually wanted to start wearing jeans to scout pack meetings. This is historic so I took a picture. Collin since he was a baby has NEVER wanted to wear jeans in his life. Maybe we are turning a corner? He still has the skinniest legs ever.

 Sadee and Ava came down for a gymnastics meet for Ava and one night they helped Evelyn put on a gymnastics show. She was SO excited.

 On a day we worked really hard outside in the yard for chores, everybody got to have their own treat at Arctic Circle. That was a big hit.

 We finally got the boys moved downstairs and Evelyn moved into her big girl room (boys old room) a few weeks ago. She is super excited about having her new room.

 It's still being worked on a little bit but we tried to make it a little more girly.

 We also got the new baby's room organized. Granted this was the easiest ever, because it's the fourth baby. Just switched the furniture around.
Evelyn LOVES her new room. YEAH!

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