We finished reading the Harry Potter series to the boys recently. How ironic there was a scar in Collin's crepe this week.
 We had a simple Valentines dinner at home. Heart shaped homemade pizza and fancy drink. The boys decorated the table.
 Went to the zoo on a non-school day. The playgrounds were both open. YEAH!

 Evelyn's evidence of reading love at the library. Pile of books at her feet.
 Zoo time earlier in January in the snow.
 While Liam goes to gymnastics I take Evelyn and Collin for a little bit to the South Jordan library. It has some fun chairs.
 Big news of January, we chopped down two big trees, including our dumb elm tree in the front. It was a big party that day.

 Collin got his Bobcat in January. I got the mom necklace pin thing. That was exciting!

 Discovering Where's Waldo.

 Painting a Valentines Box at the man store.

 Valentine Dinner shenanigans.

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