Evelyn starts better walking and Liam's day after bday

 Evelyn in the past couple of weeks has finally started taking off on walking. We are still monitoring her right leg and ankle to see if she drags/strengthens other issues, but this is a huge milestone. She is encouraged to walk on bare feet as much as possible, but had to wear shoes at the library. She loves the library storytime we go to. And now she is much more mobile, which is SO much more fun for her!

 Liam's preschool teachers made him a crown and a special heart cake the day after his bday (he didn't have school on his actual birthday). He was SO excited!
 Working on the dino dig that grandma gave him. It was so fun for him. EXTREMELY dusty, probably as dusty as a real dino dig, but he loved it.

 More walking around. I should call her pigtails her antennae :)

Not a happy day :)

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