Christmas Day 2015 Alisa's phone pics

 We always open stockings first. It's a big deal in my family.
 We start from youngest to oldest, so Evelyn got to go first this year.
 Her favorite things were the little xylophone and the little crunchies. She ate those while everyone else opened their stockings.

 Liam loved the silver surfer guy and the candy canes, of course.

 Collin loved his socks and candy canes the most. I sense a theme here :)

 Time to see what Santa brought! Evelyn got a phone, a little baby and a ball game. Here's to hoping her own phone helps attract her like mommy's.
 Liam got a ninjago sword and a little lego build thing and a zombie sprayer.He likes weapons apparently.

 Collin got legos, batman costume and a huge battle ax.

 Posing for the camera.

 The boys bought Evelyn a little baby.
 She especially loved sitting up and down on this box.

 My attempts at panarama taking.

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