South Jordan nativities

 My cousin told me about a stake near her last year that had all these nativity scenes to come look at so we went, since I love nativity scenes. This year was even better! This year Ryan was able to come. They had more than 200 nativity scenes and even though I couldn't study them in detail, it was still awesome. My kids loved this huge replica of Bethlehem.
 They had a dress up room that the kids LOVED. Evelyn LOVED baby Jesus. We took several shots of playing people in the nativity.

 They had a super cool backdrop for the manger this time, which was fun. Liam wanted to be a sheep like last time and Collin was an angel.

 Angel, sheep and Mary.

 Joseph pulling the donkey.

 Three kings

 Two of the kings and Joseph
 They also had a crafts room where we colored a picture, Collin made a mini nativity set and Liam made nativity magnets. It was super fun!

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