October library Pan day

 Evelyn starts working on getting to a standing position.
 I love the Taylorsville library. Over fall break they had a "visit neverland" day and the boys thought that would be fun. They got to make hooks and even meet Captain Hook.

 Plus they got some Pan movie swag, like posters and eye patches. We love pirates so this was perfect.

 Evelyn also decided this month that 9am church is hard because she started transitioning to one nap   :( so she was cranky around 1030 most of the time. We hung out in the mothers room lots.

 She also discovered a love for pulling things out of my wallet.
 Working more on pulling to stand.
 Giving kisses.

 Liam visited the library as a dinosaur.
Just another cute face of Evelyn. She hates hoods on jackets.

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