Utah snow cone day

 Evelyn has a new favorite spot. Right here pulling out the drawer under the stove.
 Sadee and Ava came down for a couple of days and to help babysit during our anniversary. It was fun to have them and pretty much non stop partying. One afternoon we did snow cones. We delivered several flyers Sadee made the day before. Who knew snow cones would take a couple days of prep?

 I tried a new buttermilk bread recipe while prep was going on.

 Liam was selling otter pops and was so sad because for quite awhile no one wanted those, just snow cones. Then he sold a couple and all was well :)

 They made about 25.00. Not too shabby! They really want to come to Lagoon so that was what they were making money for.
And look at this beauty! A second bread recipe turns out for me. YEAH!

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