First couple weeks of March pictures

 Can't remember if I read this or not....but got out the jumpy jumper. She didn't quite know what to do with it at first, but now (writing this about a month later) she LOVES it. She doesn't quite jump as much but once she gets going she likes it.

 I think this was Liam pretending to be a lion.
 Evelyn got some croupiness for a week or so at the beginning of the month. I took her to the doctor twice, but she didn't feel bad enough for any treatments.
 Collin loves Evelyn and Evelyn LOVES when he entertains her.

 I finally got Evelyn to start smiling at selfies, big step.

 And it snowed! It was only a couple of inches and was basically gone by the end of the day, we got out our snow clothes once. That was the one "big" snowstorm this winter. Crazy I know.

 Liam had crazy hair day so we opted to wear one of Evelyn's headbands.
 Light saber duel.
 This is just one of my favorite pictures of Evelyn. her smile is so big and her mouth is wide open. I know she is happy when she smiles like this.

 Such a sweet picture of sleeping Liam.

 Evelyn's hair finally could fit a bow in it :)

Evelyn drives her first car.

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