Booksneeze Thomas Nelson Review The Beginner's Bible Come Celebrate Easter

I often am looking for Christian “fun” books for my children to look at on Sundays. I found this one a good blend of telling the story along with fun activities. I found the story to follow along with the Bible very well. I liked that the stickers are reusable and there were even a couple of pages that had questions that children could ask themselves to apply the principles or what they were feeling.
Most of this book is a ‘one time’ use and is more activity than actual story, but when I just read the whole thing to my six and four year olds, they found it very good and simple to understand. I liked that the Easter story of Jesus was told simple enough that little kids can understand.
Overall, I found this was a good activity book to teach children about Jesus. I wish it had gone a bit more in depth about the Garden of Gethsemane aspect, but I’m not exactly sure how they would have done that. We haven’t used the stickers yet, so in the past sometimes “reusable” stickers for us don’t last that long as reusable and stick too hard the first time.

Good book for children especially. 

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