September 2014 pictures

 This was taken the day after Evelyn got home, 3 days old, and it is still the best picture. Ryan thinks she is trying to look like "ha ha ha I'm hatching an evil plot". It was so lucky to capture.
 We didn't go to church the first Sunday home, but we still got dressed up :)
 Picking some pumpkins.
 First time to church. Evelyn does NOT like getting in cute clothes. Still doesn't.
 We went to Temple Square in September. It was fun.
 Evelyn's first time.
 This was just the sweetest picture of Liam "reading" to Evelyn. It was so darling, because she really was listening, and Liam really had an awesome story going on.
More pumpkins, so far Ryan has picked 22 I think.

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