More random summer 2014 pictures

 Finally we got around to putting most of Liam's stuff/clothes in their shared room. The baby coming finally made it happen. This must also have been recently after a haircut. The boys helped Ryan put the crib together.

 Hey, it is starting to look partially girly.
 Collin helped put the baby girl clothes in the dresser.
 Liam helped put his little dresser together.

 Superheroes unite!

 Building at the man store
 The snow cone stand that they made tons of money at :)
 Collin with his baseball trophy.
 He earned enough tickets on his birthday to earn a sword, yet another one.
 Collin helped design his birthday cake, candy mountain is what he called it.
 In the pumpkin patch, which went out of control. At one point more than 60 pumpkins had started growing.

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