Collin's 4th birthday part 5

 The afternoon of his birthday for special "snack" time, we had a mommy/son date to Baskin Robbins so Collin could choose his own free scoop of ice cream.

 Guess what he chose out of all 31 flavors? Wild n'Reckless Sherbet. That is so fitting :)

 Collin requested an excavator cake this year and I must say it didn't disappoint. I searched for quite awhile online to help find a pattern, but Ryan made all of the cake.
 He did a great job!
 Collin liked all of the candy on it most.
 Then that evening we opened the presents from extended family. The light up Batman yo-yo was a big hit Auntie Kari!

Collin, we are so glad you are in our family and hope you had a party hearty day with lots of treats for your 4th birthday, just like you wanted!

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Krista said...

Success! Looks like he had a fabulous birthday.