Collin's 4th birthday part 2

 Since it was $2 Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point, and Collin's birthday was on a Tuesday, we decided to go for part of his birthday. Collin's good friend Dylan came and they had a BALL!
 Liam loved the animals as well.
 Waiting for the pony ride.... there was quite a line.

 Finally we get to get on the horse!

 Dylan's grandma T brought little juices and popcorn for a snack. Man, Collin was in heaven!
 They had a little room for a discovery farm thing, that my kids could probably have stayed in the entire time.
 Liam LOVED climbing in the tunnels and also climbing on the tires.

 Riding on the wagon.
This was such a sweet smile on Liam..... LOVE this picture of him.

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