Sadee and Ava meet Liam, and fun times

So, Sadee and Ava have been dying to come down and meet Liam....due to a variety of circumstances, they just were able to come this last weekend, later on Saturday night. The four cousins together. You should have seen HOW excited Collin was to play with these girls. Not even kidding....none of them went to bed until almost 11pm, and Collin got to attempt his first sleepover (he woke up around 1230 am, and came into his own bed upstairs). But he was so touched "Sadee made me my own bed mommy". It was too cute.
The first thing they said about Liam was "he has crazy hair!" Granted, I knew that already (I call him my crazy mad scientist because of his crazy hair), but it was funny that someone else noticed. Sadee holding Liam Sunday morning. She looks SO big.
Okay, same picture, but I had to take this to send to my sister with his little hat on, kind of, because this is an outfit my sister gave to Collin WAY back in the day, and now Liam gets to wear it :)
And Liam has REALLY started liking the mobile. This isn't a surprise for me since Collin did too, but Liam totally is getting into it. The pictures don't do it justice, but yeah, he was kicking and smiling....
And kids are just so amazing with imaginative play. This was some awesome tunnel thing they invented to crawl through and jump on. I love when kids get together to play...
Makes and reminds me of good times when I had more of an imagination when I was growing up. Something must happen to that because now I feel so much less creative.
Thanks girlies for coming to visit us! Come again soon!


'T' said...

Congratulations on your new son. He's beautiful. Please tell you sister hello from me and that I love her. Love, Tiniel

Krista said...

Cousins are so fun! I have good memories of making tunnels at your parents house when we were young. And sliding down their HUGE staircase. Haha!