Collin is my son

Last Saturday we went on our first "extended" family outing as a family of four. I know....two months later, we finally ventured out. We went to Leatherby's, a family ice cream place within walking distance and we had a coupon :) I thought for sure Collin would love the HUGE ice creams there, but no, he went straight for the bowl of hot fudge that accompanied our sundaes. Yes, he is my son. Loves chocolate. LOVES it.
He was being so silly when we took pictures. But, again that is Collin.
It was a little chilly so when we got home and after the bath..... I introduced Collin to the "Rice baby". I LOVE this thing...you heat it up in the microwave. The whole night Collin kept saying, it's warm, it's warm. Yes, son, it is.
Our outing got a little crazy in that Liam didn't care too much for the place, and Collin near the end wanted to run around like he normally does, but it was fun!

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Jenny said...

Super cute picture of him with the rice baby. :)